Mother's Day Online Event organised by Leo Club of Silchar Centurion Forever

The top 3 ranked participants will be presented with gift hampers and certificates

The Leo Club of Silchar Centurion Forever has come up with an initiative on the occassion of Mother's Day, by the name of "Moments with Mother". Through a post on social networking sites on Saturday, the organisation has informed about the event.

The participants are required to get themselves captured in a photograph with their respective mothers and compose a write-up within 50-60 words. The picture should be posted with the write-up as the caption, in addition to the hashtag #LOVEYOUMOMLCSCF. The entries should either be posted on Facebook or Instagram with the official handle of the organisation, tagged in the post; or the entries can be sent via the email : [email protected] or over whatsapp : 8403882640. The event will be judged by the president of Lions Club of Centurion, Partha Aditya and the advisor, Sarbani Goswami. The judgement will be made on the basis of the write-up, composed by the participants. As informed by the organisation, The top 5 ranked participants will be provided certificates and the top 3 ranked participants will be presented with gift hampers, in addition to the certificates. The gift hampers will be addressed to the winning mothers.

The Secretary of LCSCF and the project chairperson for the event, Joyshree Paul, in a conversation with The News Core said, "We had earlier planned to celebrate the occasion by distributing relief aids in orphanages and old age homes, but in view of the adverse COVID-19 situation in the locality, we dropped the plan and decided to set up an online event to make the mothers feel special." She futher added, "People living outside Silchar, and away from their parents, can find an emotional attachment towards the entries."

On being asked about the debates on mothers' day that revolve around the fact if the mothers should be celebrated on a single day in the entire year, the Public Relations Officer of LCSCF, Nabangkur Das said, "Mothers are blessings to the society and they should be love and respected throughout the year; however, since a mother dedicates her entire life for the well-being of her child, she deserves a grand celebration, and therefore, we believe in celebrating Mother's Day".

Interested readers can click here to participate in the event.

Swagatam Roy

Swagatam Roy

Swagatam Roy is working as a Senior Content Writer with The News Core. He had earlier been the Managing Editor at Cachar Chronicles. Currently, Roy is studying at Amity University as a student of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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