COVID-19 Protocols to be followed in Apartments and Buildings released by NHM Assam

The set of protocols is titled as "AN APPEAL". Read the article to know the details

The National Health Mission, Assam (NHM) released a set of COVID-19 protocols on Friday, to be followed by people living in apartments and buildings. The set of protocols, titled "AN APPEAL" is divided into two sections : a) Preventive measures to be followed and b) Ensuring stricter implementation of Home Quarantine.

Under the section, "Preventive measures to be followed", the department appeals all apartment societies to enforce a visitor's protocol, limiting the arrival of outside visitors in the apartment. All visitor details, including travel history, should be recorded. It further adds that the apartment should have a designated hand washing area, with hand washing techniques, properly illustrated on a poster. All apartments have been asked to make hand sanitizers available at the entrance, if possible. Moreover, the set of protocols has urged the apartment societies to close down all public gathering platforms like park, swimming pool, fitness centres, common activity centres with prohibition on any gathering within the premises. Besides, the guidelines advise disinfection of common premises including lift buttons, handrails in the stair cases, gates and grills, atleast three times a day, in addition to awareness among the residents to avoid touching anything in the common premises. The appeal aims to promote contactless delivery by placing delivery baskets at the security points. Alternatively, the families may pick up deliveries outside the gate, after the necessary disinfection. The families with access to a domestic help, have been advised to discuss COVID appropriate behaviour and hygiene practices with the domestic help personnel, as they work at multiple locations.

Under the section, "Ensuring stricter implementation of Home Quarantine", the management committees of apartment societies have been advised to ensure home quarantine to a resident, who has been advised for the same by the authority or has any travel history. The committee shall however ensure that the confidentiality is maintained and the self respect of that resident is not hurt or disrespected. The section further added that the management may consider supporting the home quarantined person in accessing daily necessities. Besides, it advises the management to provide necessary psycho-social support to the quarantined resident, while maintaining all infection control protocols.

The guidelines further appeals for proper disposal of waste materials, including masks and food packages, in case of COVID-19 patients in the society, by the building management. "AN APPEAL" then illustrates COVID appropriate behaviours including wearing a mask, using sanitizer, social distancing, washing hands and getting vaccinated. It also informs about the official helpline numbers stating, "Call 104 for COVID-19, Plasma donation and other health related queries; call 108 for Ambulance Services".

Swagatam Roy

Swagatam Roy

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