NOTA Third Highest Vote-Getter in 4 Constituencies of Karimganj


In the Assam Assembly elections for 2021, while many heavyweight candidates couldn't make it anywhere near the top, there are a few who have punched above their weight.

In the recently concluded elections, Krishendu Paul of BJP made a new record as he won the Patharkandi seat. Since 1952, no candidate has managed to come out to be victorious from the Patharkandi seat twice in a row. He received 49.66 percent of all the votes cast in Patharkandi, which equals 74,846 votes. He was followed by the Congress Candidate Sachin Sahu with 70,379 votes.

Meanwhile, what was striking and perhaps, the most interesting fact about Patharkandi seat was the amount of votes that were cast for NOTA. NOTA, i.e. None of the Above is an option on the EVM machine for voters to press if they do not approve of any candidate in the election. However, the votes for NOTA are inconsequential. Interestingly in Patharkandi, NOTA received a total of 1288 votes and managed to secure the third position amongst the other 15 candidates contesting the election.

NOTA has played a big role in the Karimganj district. According to government reports, in the recently concluded Assembly Elections, the five assembly constituencies under Karimganj district, NOTA has received a massive 6359 votes. Except for Badarpur, in all the major constituencies like Patharkandi, Ratabari (1200), North Karimganj (1180) and South Karimganj (985), NOTA has secured third position which is also a new record. As a result, there has been extensive public curiosity and gossip about it among various political circles.

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