Mob allegedly attacks former MLA Aminul Haque Laskar's sister's residence

Three individuals were apprehended and were questioned by the police.

The Facebook page by the name 'Office of Aminul Haque Laskar' came forward to allege that a mob had tried to attack the house of Aminul Haque Laskar’s sister at Sonai Road in Silchar. Allegedly, three individuals - Altaf Husain Laskar alias Titu, Masum Ahmed Barbhuiya and Faisal Karim Barbhuiya led a mob of 20-25 people and tried to attack the house. As per sources, Titu was the ex-President of Sonabarighat Gaon Panchayat while Masum Ahmed is an AIUDF youth leader. It is alleged that the mob was carrying petrol bombs, sticks and daggers and threatened the family of arson. As per sources, people in the neighbourhood intervened and handed over the miscreants to the police. The statement released by Aminul Haque Laskar’s Facebook page alleges the attack was perpetrated because they are associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party. 

It must be added that Aminul Haque Laskar was the Deputy Speaker of Assam as a BJP MLA from Sonai. He fought the 2021 Assembly elections on a BJP ticket but lost to AIUDF’s Karim Uddin Barbhuiya.

Earlier on polling day in Dhonehori, Aminul Haque Laskar had gotten embroiled in a controversy after four individuals had sustained bullet injuries in an incident of violence. The police later had to rescue him after he was stuck there for hours because of the agitated mob which wouldn’t let him leave. Locals alleged that Aminul Haque Laskar had himself fired the shots. 

The News Core tried to reach out to Rangirkhari Police Outpost where it was informed that the FIR had been lodged at Silchar Sadar Thana. The three individuals were apprehended and were questioned. The police are still investigating the case.

Note: An older version of this report had a typing error regarding the location of the incident. The same has since been corrected.



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