Barak Valley Results: Mahajot wins 9 but BJP single largest party with 6

The Congress has won 4 while the AIUDF has won 5. The remaining 6 have gone to the BJP.

Barak Valley has a total of 15 assembly seats. By late evening on May 2, the results had become evident even as some constituencies were yet to finish counting the votes. The Mahajot or the Grand Alliance has emerged with 9 seats in total, of which the Congress has won 4 while the AIUDF has won 5. The remaining 6 have gone to the BJP. The BJP has taken Silchar, Lakhipur, Dholai, Udharbond, Patharkandi and Ratabari. The AIUDF has won in Sonai, Hailakandi, Katlicherra, Algapur and Badarpur. The Congress has meanwhile bagged Katigorah, Barkhola, North and South Karimganj. The Bharatiya Janata Party is still the single largest party in the valley even though the Grand Alliance has 9 seats combined.

In Silchar Constituency, Dipayan Chakraborty of the BJP won by a landslide margin of 37,578. He defeated Tamal Kanti Banik from the INC and former MLA, now independent candidate Dilip Kumar Paul. Early in the morning, the trends suggested that Tamal Kanti Banik was leading. However, as the day progressed, the tides turned and Dipayan Chakraborty took the lead, and kept widening the gap.

In Sonai constituency, Karim Uddin Barbhuiya won with a margin of 19,654. He has defeated Aminul Haque Laskar, the former Deputy Speaker of the Assam Assembly from the BJP. Ashish Haldar, another prominent leader from the constituency who contested as an independent candidate managed to get 14,500.

In Barkhola, Misbahul Islam Laskar from the Congress won with 64,433 votes. The BJP candidate Amalendu Das lost, having secured 57,402 votes.

In Hailakandi constituency, Zakir Hussain Laskar of the AIUDF won with a landslide 71,057 votes in total. His principal opponent, a young leader, Milon Das from the BJP secured 47,303 votes.

In Udharbond, a neck-to-neck competition was witnessed with a nail biting finish. Mihir Kanti Shome from the BJP and Ajit Singh from the Congress kept inching towards the finish line with marginal gaps all throughout. Ultimately, Mihir Kanti Shome emerged victorious by a very narrow margin of 2,685 votes.

Meanwhile, Algapur constituency went to Nijam Uddin Choudhury of the AIUDF. He won the seat by a margin of 17,604 votes.

In Dholai constituency which is a reserved seat, the incumbent MLA Parimal Suklabaidya retained his seat and went on to win with a sizable vote margin of 20,392.

In Lakhipur, another interesting contest was witnessed as initially there was tight competition between the candidates from the INC and the BJP. However, later, Kaushik Rai assailed a lead and ultimately won by a comfortable margin of 12,700. Thoiba Singha, another runner in the race secured 20,503 votes.

In Ratabari which is also a reserved seat, Bijoy Malakar from the BJP retained his seat with a large margin of 36,221.

In Patharkandi, Krishnendu Paul from the BJP defeated Sachin Sahoo from the INC by a close margin of 4,467. 

In Katlicherra, Suzam Uddin Laskar of the AIUDF won with a lead of 12,971.

In Badarpur, Abdul Aziz of the AIUDF won with a victory margin of 23,948.

Both North and South Karimganj went to the Congress as Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha and Siddeque Ahmed both won. Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha had a tough fight with his opponent but eventually went on to win with a narrow margin of 8,324 votes. Siddeque Ahmed however won with a wide margin of 32,487.

In Katigorah which was another hotly contested seat, Khalil Uddin Mazumder from the INC defeated Goutam Roy by a margin of 6,939.

The BJP alliance is all set to form the government in Assam with 75 seats. Meanwhile, the Congress led Grand Alliance managed to get 50 seats. This will be the second BJP led government in Assam in a row. However, there’s still no clarity as to who will be the Chief Minister - Sarbananda Sonowal or Himanta Biswa Sarma.

(All data has been sourced from the Election Commission of India)

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