Residing in a world yet to explore and navigate, the shroud of myth has encased many facts from our

Residing in a world yet to explore and navigate, the shroud of myth has encased many facts from our eyes. May it be India or any part of the world, people only grasp the infinitesimal truth that’s witnessed by the seeing- eye. There have been many reality shows decoding the truth with leads left off by trailblazers. Following is an attempt to lay out some of these amazing facts which has remained submerged by myths and misconstruity:

1. Swallowing fruit seeds will lead to your stomach growing a plant.

Remember in our childhood, our parents used to give us a cautionary tale of not to swallow fruit seeds or else a whole plant will grow in our tummy? All grown up now, we need to zone in the factual field. Our digestive system bubbling with acid is not a convivial ground for plants to grow. In time, the fruit seeds swallowed shall be ejected through defecation.

2. Having an uncanny feeling that the sitch you are into is already experienced by you? Whereas, you never had actually run into any such situation. Sounds creepy, right? Well, it comes by the name of ‘Deja-vu’.

Scientific probing has explained its occurrence to be of your brain sending signals to check whether there is any memory error. It usually is a “conflict resolution” act that our brain uses as a rolodex to differentiate between what we think have experienced and what actually has happened to us.

3. An efflux of uproar swept across India in the year 1995 claiming that several temples having idols of Lord Ganesha are drinking the offered milk by devotees. Fanatically religious we are as Indians; obscurantism is what blindfolds our practical insight. Heard of “capillary action” or in that case “surface tension?”

Capillary action is the movement of water within the cavities of a permeable material that triggers adhesion, cohesion (important properties of water) and of course, surface tension. Just like, when you dip the tip of a paint-brush, you can see water slowly rising to drench the rest of the brush. Similarly, the idols deemed to be drinking the milk offered by the devotees, thereby, is no miracle but a scientific phenomenon.

4. Bulls get irated when red capes are waved in front of them.

Ripping off this myth, veracity of the matter lies in the fact that bulls are colour-blind. They cannot differentiate between myriads of colour. Inquesting into this myth, it is found that movement of any coloured cloth in front of the longhorn would stimulate its anger.

5. Who has not heard of Cleopatra? One whose beauty had Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony enthralled? Entitled as ‘Queen of the Nile’, stories of her seductive beauty are known worldwide.

Scourging the truth however, one is surprised to discover the utter opposite of it. Roman coins produce the Queen’s countenance with a honed, obtruding chin. A pointed nose and no bangs either. So next time, you hear of the enchanting beauty of Cleopatra as described in tales and/ or exhibited in films, don’t fall for it folks!