Vote Counting : Section 144 of CrPC to be enforced in Karimganj on April 2 and April 3

Karimganj Deputy Commissioner announced that Section 144 of CrPC will be imposed on April 2 and 3

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner in Karimganj issued an order on Thursday, announcing that Section 144 of CrPC will be enforced in the district on April 2 and April 3 in view of the "anti social elements" that are likely to cause disturbance of public peace and tranquility during the counting of votes in the context of assembly election, 2021 at Karimganj College premises on 2nd May, 2021.

Carrying any weapon like lathi, lances, spears, dao or any other article, which can be used as a weapon of offence, is strictly prohibited. Fire crackers or loud sound producing material, or anything that can cause chemical effects are not allowed. The order further mentioned that no candidate or agent will be allowed to enter into the counting hall without COVID-19 negative test reports or vaccination reports, produced within 48 hours before the counting begins.

Not more than 4 persons will be allowed to move together according to the order. Public gathering outside the counting venue is prohibited. Unauthorised movement will not be allowed in the vicinity of the counting hall at Karimganj College. No person will be allowed to use any apparatus, which can produce sound or reproduce human voice. Pillion riding on two wheelers shall stay prohibited within the Karimganj town.

Aged people, children aged below 12 years, females and on duty law enforcing personnel like Magistrate, Police, army etc. are exempted from the above mentioned restrictions. The order shall stay in force from 2nd May, 2021 to 3rd May, 2021.



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