Lathigram to NETRIP announced as Pedestrian Zone; 3-Tier Security System to be Deployed on Vote Counting Day.

Cachar Administration has taken all possible measures to strictly abide by the ECI directives

Amidst the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the Election Commission of India (ECI) issued strong directives and restrictions, to be followed on the day of vote counting, especially in the counting areas. The Cachar District Administration has taken all possible measures to strictly abide by the directives and restrictions, issued by the ECI. An order was recently issued by the District Administration, imposing Section 144 of CrPC on the day of vote counting. Strong security system is to be functional in the district and the area surrounding NETRIP at Udharbond will be under the surveillance of a 3-tier security system. The 3-tier security system will be functional from Lathigram to NETRIP. In addition to that, the area between Lathigram to NETRIP has been announced to be considered as Pedestrian Zone on the day of counting. Police Superintendent B. L. Meena informed about the Cachar Police initiated security system in a press conference on Friday.

B. L. Meena further informed that barricades will be set up on the two entry points into the way to NETRIP. Public and private vehicles of citizens will not be allowed to enter into the barricaded area. Authorized people such as Government employees associated with counting, polling agents, electoral candidates and journalists will be allowed to enter the zone on producing ECI affiliated valid identity card. The area will be under a 3-tier security system. Paramilitary Forces will be holding on to the first tier of barricades. The second tier of barricades will be under the jurisdiction of Assam Police Battalion and the third tier will be secured by the Assam Police.

In view of the COVID-19 protocols, no gathering will be allowed in and around NETRIP. RT-PCR negative report has been made mandatory for the entry of every polling agent into NETRIP. Any symptomatic person will be denied entry.

Besides, in view of the restrictions on account of the area between Lathigram and NETRIP, being announced as Pedestrian Zone, the Police Superintendent informed that guidelines have been issued for the travelling of citizens. Arrangements have been made for vehicles and people traveling from Udharbond to Barkhola to pass through Dolu-Kalartal road. Air travellers will have to travel by the same road as informed by B. L. Meena.

Moreover, according to the directives of ECI, two people will be allowed to enter with the winning candidate, after the announcement of the results. Victory rallies, loud speakers and fire crackers are prohibited in the District on account of Section 144 of CrPC.

The Police Administration is keeping a close watch on the day after the announcement of results to prevent any unwanted incident in Cachar District. Referring to the tight security measures in various parts of the district, the Police Superintendent said that the day after the election results are out, there will be intense surveillance in some assembly constituencies. The situation will be closely monitored by deploying additional security forces, especially in Sonai, Katigorah, Lakhipur and Silchar. In addition to the police, additional paramilitary forces will be deployed in those areas. \"Strict actions will be taken against anyone who causes any unwanted incident\", said B. L. Meena.



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