15 arrested at Badarpur Railway Station who confessed to be Rohingyas

The group will be handed over to the Karimganj Judicial Court on Sunday.

The Railway Police Force of Badarpur Railway Station apprehended 15 people on Saturday, who according to the RPF personnel, confessed that they are Rohingyas, during the interrogation.

A constable in the Railway Police Force, Badarpur Railway Station, Sukanta Das informed that when a large group of people were seen together at the Badarpur Railway Station on Saturday, the police could sense something suspicious. When they approached the group for inquiry, they refused to answer. Consequently, they were handed over to the Railway Police Force. On interrogation, they confessed that they were refugees at the Rohingya Camp in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh. "We travelled straight to Badarpur in Kanchenjunga Express on July 22", informed the Rohingyas. They further said, "On reaching Badarpur on July 22, we hired a Hotel and stayed there on July 22 and 23. During the wee hours of July 24, we checked out of the Hotel and moved to the railway station." They informed that they were about to board for Agartala before being arrested. "We were traveling to Agartala in search of jobs at an Ith-bhatta (Brick Kiln)", informed a member of the group.

Later, the group of 15 was handed over by the RPF to the Badarpur GRP Thana. The Officer-in-Charge of Badarpur GRP Thana, Mujibur Rahman informed that the group will be handed over to the Karimganj Judicial Court on Sunday. "The group has 6 children as well", informed Rahman. He said that the group is currently locked up at the Police Station.

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