Netizens are drooling over this IAS officer's love story, they call it the fate of destiny!


Chandni Chandran, an IAS revealed the role of destiny and how the universe gives signs.

Chandran shared a picture of her with her then-boyfriend who is now her husband Arun Sudarsan. The two duos were seen sharing an umbrella in the rain. 

Chandran revealed that it was 2016 and she was waiting for her Civil Service Exam 2015 but to avoid stressing she went out on a walk with her then-boyfriend Arun Sudarsan. However, she didn't clear the exam but their picture appeared in the Times of India alongside all the toppers. 

Chandran wrote, May 10, 2016.Results of Civil Service Exam 2015 was expected to be out & I was roaming with @mrarunsudarsan to not stress over it. I didn't make it. Next day newspapers were filled with pics of toppers & @timesofindia published this pic of us! Arun called ToI & complained (1/3) 

Nonetheless, her then-boyfriend called Times of India and complained about the picture but Chandran took it as a sign that she will definitely pass the Civil Service Exam and will get married to Arun.

She added, as we weren't married then 😅. I took it as a sign that my photo was destined to be there in the paper filled with UPSC toppers and that I can happily walk towards any destination with someone holding an umbrella and looking out for me with love unbound when I take each step.(2/3)

Chandran passed the exam the next year and got married to Arun. She also thanked the photographer from The Times of India for sending them the picture and added that he recognized them for the complaint Arun made.

Chandran is currently posted as sub-divisional magistrate of Kanchanpur, North Tripura.

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