Three sacks of Agarwood seized from a vehicle at Srikona; 2 arrested


The Srikona Outpost Police on Tuesday, June 29, seized sacks of Agarwood which was allegedly being transported illegally. As per reports, three sacks of Agarwood were seized from an Alto car. Two alleged Agarwood dealers were also arrested. The two individuals, Ohidul Islam and Nazmul Haque hail from Nilam Bazar area in Karimganj.

As per sources, the police were carrying out their routine checking in Srikona’s Kuwarpar area on Tuesday morning. It was then that the Alto coming from the direction of Alambag was also inspected. The police then found three sacks of Agarwood in the rear seat of the vehicle. The police then asked the travellers Ohidul and Nazmul to produce the documentation for the Agarwood they were carrying. But the two couldn’t produce any paperwork. Thereafter, the sacks of Agarwood were seized.

As per the police, the Agarwood was being taken from Alambag area to Nilambazar. However, Ohidul and Nazmul claimed that they didn’t own the Agarwood. As per sources, the actual owner of this Agarwood is an individual from Ratabari. Ohidul and Nazmul were being paid to ferry these sacks of Agarwood for that individual. The Cachar police is now on the lookout for that individual from Ratabari and has sent a team to Karimganj for this task. The police wouldn’t disclose any more details at this point as the investigation is still underway. Meanwhile, Ohidul and Nazmul were produced in court on Tuesday and were sent to jail custody.



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