Abandoned at the age of 18 with a baby, this Kerala cop has come a long way


Anie Siva who was abandoned by her husband with a 6-month-old baby boy is a police sub-inspector. Anie Siva had married her husband against the will of her family.

Anie was compelled to sell lemonade and ice cream on the Varaka beach in Kerala and today she is serving as the sub-inspector of police in the same town.

Kerala Police took to Twitter and applauded the 31-year-old police inspector for her determination. They wrote:

A true model of willpower and confidence...

An 18-year-old girl who was left on the streets with her 6-month-old baby after being abandoned by her husband and family has become #subinspector @Varkalapolicestation.

#keralapolice #AnieSiva

In a conversation with ANI Anie said 

"I achieved this goal against all odds. I would be happy to see other women getting inspiration from my life to stand on their own feet." 

Anie Siva's story went viral on social media netizens applauded her for her hard work

Kerala's Leader of Opposition VD Satheesan appreciated Siva and tweeted,

Congrats Anie Siva, SI of police! Estranged at 18yrs, Anie beat the odds alone to build life for herself & her son.

In a dismally male dominated society where atrocities against vulnerable women are occurring everyday, her life and achievements are truly inspirational.

Supriya Sahu IAS wrote

Left on the road with her six months old baby, Anie Siva sold ice creams and lemonades at Varkala, Kerala, for a living for 10 years. Her steely resolve to succeed has brought her at the same place as the Sub Inspector- The New Indian Express

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