Assam: Vaccination count drops to 9,583 on Sunday


Assam on Sunday, June 27, administered just 9,583 vaccines. This is a significant dip from 1,49,709 vaccines administered on Saturday, June 26. It must be noted that Assam had aimed to administer 3 lakh vaccines everyday starting from June 21 for ten days till June 30. In fact, the state had successfully surpassed that target on June 21 and 23 when 3,74,555 and 3,57,982 vaccines respectively were administered. The count on June 22 too was just shy of the target at 2,49,825 vaccinations.

However, post June 23, the vaccination rate saw a noticeable drop as 1,58,077 doses were administered on June 24; 1,59,997 on June 25 and 1,49,709 on June 26. This dip can be primarily ascribed to the insufficient supply of vaccines as it is quite evident that the health infrastructure even in its existing shape can very well execute vaccinations upwards of 3 lakhs a day. As per reports, the state received 52,030 doses of Covaxin on Saturday and 91,080 doses of Covishield on Sunday. Yet, these supplies aren’t enough to meet the daily target set by the state.

However, commentators pointed out that it was a Sunday and frontline health workers also deserved to be rested. Assam has so far administered a total of 68,53,911 doses. By Sunday evening, Assam registered 1523 positive cases for the day with the positivity rate hovering around 2% for a while now.

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