Drugs worth Rs. 8 Crore seized in last 46 days in Cachar; 46 arrested : SP Nimbalkar

Cachar Police arrested 46 persons and registered 22 cases since May 10, till June 25.

As a part of the Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma's campaign against the illegal drugs and other narcotics in the state, the district of Cachar as well, ramped up its anti-drug campaign. According to the datas presented by the Cachar Police, since 10th May to 25th June of 2021, the department has seized narcotics worth Rs. 8 crore (an approximate value), under the anti-drug campaign in the district. The datas were presented by the Cachar SP, Vaibhav C. Nimbalkar during a panel discussion, titled, "International Day Against Drugs Abuse and Illicit Trafficking", at the conference hall of the Superintendent of Police.

In the panel discussion, arranged by the Cachar Police, in collaboration with the NGO, Dream Celebration, SP Nimbalkar detailed about the datas of the seized narcotics. He said, "As of 25th June, 2021, the Cachar Police has seized 11,936 YABA and WY tablets, 1,730 grams of Heroin, 10 grams of brown sugar and 55.8 kilograms of Marijuana". He added, "A total of 46 persons have been arrested and 22 cases are currently registered with the department in the same regard."

SP Vaibhav C. Nimbalkar ensured that the Cachar Police will continue its actions against illegal drugs and other narcotics in the future as well. He asserted that nobody, related to any drug related case, will be exempted from actions. He appealed to the citizens of the district to build up a drug free Cachar. The speakers, present at the panel discussion, appealed to the citizens to stand against the adverse social consequences of drugs and its destructive effects on the human society.

The dignitaries, who presented their lecture during the panel discussions were, Dr. Suman Baidya, Lawyer Suniti Shome and a member of the Nabajyoti NGO council, Niloy Kumar Dey. In addition, an activist of the NGO, Dream Celebration, Nikita Banik, raised various questions against the adverse effects of drugs. On behalf of the Police Department, SP Vaibhav C. Nimbalkar and DSP (Sadar) Dr. Kalyan Kumar Das were present during the panel discussion.



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