Cachar, Karimganj, Hailakandi complete targets on Day-2 of Vaccination Campaign; Assam administers 2,49,825 Doses

Read to know data analysis of the Day-2 of Assam's Mega Vaccination Campaign in Barak Valley.

The state of Assam has completed the Day-2 of its Mega Vaccination Campaign on Tuesday. As announced by the Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma on June 19, Mega Vaccination Campaign in the state has the target to vaccinate a total of 3 lakh beneficiaries daily. The state could reach the target on Day-1 (June 21); however, on Day-2 of the campaign (June 22), Assam could administer a total of 2,49,825 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, according to the datas, present on the official website of CoWIN. Consequently, the total number of vaccine doses administered in the state, as on Tuesday, was 59,24,765. The vaccination coverage in percentage, in the state on Tuesday, stands at 83.27%. It can be concluded that the state of Assam has vaccinated 6,24,380 beneficiaries in the two days of the Mega Vaccination Campaign.

Cachar District could retain its 3rd position on Day-2 of the vaccination campaign, as it has the third highest vaccination coverage in percentage with respect to the designated target of the district, which was recorded to be 132.76%. On Tuesday, the district of Cachar vaccinated a total of 19,914 beneficiaries. Thus, Cachar crossed its set target of 15,000 by 4,914. The total number of beneficiaries in Cachar under the Mega Vaccination Campaign, after Day-2, was recorded to be 44,036. The total number of vaccine doses administered in the district, as of Tuesday, is 3,18,342. Besides, on Tuesday, rank 1 and 2 were bagged by Dima Hasao and Sivsagar respectively, according to the vaccination coverage in percentage with respect to the designated target of both the states.

Hailakandi, on the other hand, with a designated target of 7,000, vaccinated a total of 8,044 beneficiaries on Tuesday, thus recording the vaccination coverage percentage as 114.91%. This infers that the total number of beneficiaries, vaccinated during the two days of the Mega Vaccination Campaign in Hailakandi, is 19,244. This takes the total number of vaccine doses, administered in Hailakandi, to 1,26,417.

Besides, Karimganj could reach its designated target of 10,000 on Tuesday, as the district vaccinated a total of 12,810 beneficiaries on the Day-2 of Mega Vaccination Campaign in Assam. Thus, the vaccination coverage (in percentage) in the district on June 22 stands at 128.1%. It can be inferred that the total number of beneficiaries vaccinated on the two days of the vaccination campaign has been recorded to be 24,149. This takes the total number of administered doses in the district, as of Tuesday, to 1,54,815.

Kamrup Rural stands last on the basis of the vaccination coverage (in percentage) with respect to the designated target. The district had the target of vaccinating 10,000 beneficiaries, however, it could administer 4,132 doses only. This infers that the vaccination coverage in the district was recorded to be 41.32% on Tuesday.

All the above datas have been taken from the official CoWIN website.

Swagatam Roy

Swagatam Roy

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