Conversation with Silchar Youth Ved Prakash, titled 'Grand Master' in Asia Book of Records

Ved Prakash with his motorbike

Ved Prakash, a young man from Silchar, who completed his all India solo bike ride and travelled across 200 cities, covering 13,700 kilometres, has been conferred with the title of 'Grand Master' in Asia Book of Records. With a motive to spread awareness among people against child trafficking and child labour and to make a move for child protection, Prakash travelled across the country last year. Previously, he also got his name in the India Book of Records. 

When asked about his inspiration for his travelling journey, Prakash mentioned his passion for riding and travelling. Further, he mentioned the fact that the very issue of child trafficking has always been a matter of concern to him and that even though several steps have been taken to curb child trafficking, results have not been seen. Emphasising on the importance and need of awareness in this matter, Prakash said that we and the society as a whole needs to be aware of the issue and take necessary initiatives. With a motive to spread awareness, Prakash picked his passion of riding as a way to convey the message to the society. 

In a conversation with The News Core, Ved Prakash stated, "I started my all India ride on 17th March, 2020, but just after the start of the journey I immediately had to stop in Delhi, due to the imposition of lockdown in the country, on account of the pandemic situation. I had to wait for 8 months. After 8 months on 30th September, 2020, I started  my ride again and it continued for 15 days. During that period, I covered a distance of 13,700 km and travelled across 200 cities."

During his journey, he came across various types of people who supported his noble cause. Prakash, while narrating his journey, highlighted, "While travelling, I received immense help and support from the Police officials at every place. Although we only get to hear the bad side of the police officials, the reality differs." Prakash also mentioned that there are several issues related to women safety in this country. Speaking of the issue, he shared his views about the initiatives by Tamil Nadu for women safety and security, which he noticed during his ride. 

He also runs a youtube channel where he  puts various travel vlogs and through his videos, he tries to share awareness on the issue of child trafficking. He mentioned that the monetary amount received from his channel, is used for the children, who are unable to bear school expenditure and other needs. Prakash also said, "I wish to open a school with all facilities for the children, who are not able to get proper education. I will try my best to do so."

He is also planning to travel to 21 countries with the same noble cause of spreading awareness about the issue of child trafficking. When asked about whether he had a message for people, Prakash said, "We need to protect the children for a better tomorrow."

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