Magisterial Enquiry launched into Babul Banik's death in Police Custody; Final Report to be submitted within 7 days

Statements of related police officials, family members of Babul Banik and three witnesses recorded.

A magisterial enquiry has been launched regarding the case of Babul Banik, a businessman from Rongpur's Karatigram in Silchar, who died in police custody on Saturday (June 19). The Circle Officer of Udharbond, Jayanta Chakraborty has been assigned to be the investigating magistrate for the case. The investigation has been initiated by Magistrate Chakraborty on Sunday. Soon after the investigation started, the officials recorded the statements of Banik's family members and the Officer In-charge of Rongpur Police Petrol Post. Following this on Monday, Magistrate Jayanta Chakraborty recorded statements of others, including a few police officials, who are associated with the case.

It has to be mentioned here that Babul Banik was apprehended on Friday, allegedly for opening his shop during the curfew hours. Banik was then brought to the Rongpur Police Petrol Post. It was reported that Banik's health suddenly deteriorated while in custody, following which, he was immediately shifted to S. M. Dev Civil Hospital. However, as Banik's health was constantly declining, he was moved to Silchar Medical College and Hospital, where according to reports, he was declared dead. After Banik's demise in police custody, his family, along with the locals of Karatigram area, gathered in front of Rongpur Police Petrol Post, defying the curfew norms, and started exhibiting protests. However, the situation eased up, after a discussion between the Head Police Official of the police station and the protestors. The protestors were assured that Banik's case will go through a magisterial enquiry, following which, a magisterial enquiry into the case was officially directed on Saturday. It has been ordered that the magistrate should submit the investigation report within a period of 7 days.

Magistrate Jayanta Chakraborty initiated the investigation on Sunday, with a visit to Banik's residence, where he recorded the statements of his family members. Later on the same day, the statement of the Officer In-charge of Rongpur Police Petrol Post was recorded.

Babul Banik was arrested on Friday, in addition to three other individuals of Karatigram, Prakash Rabidas, Rohit Rabidas and Dipon Das. Magistrate Jayanta Chakraborty recorded their statements on Monday. Besides, three police officials, Constable Anowar Ali Shodiyol and Bijon Deb, and Homeguard Rohan Das, who were associated with the arrest of Babul Banik, got their statements recorded with the magistrate.

Magistrate Jayanta Chakraborty, in his capacity as the investigating head of Babul Banik's case, informed that although the investigation has started, a lot of relevant information is yet to be gathered. He added, "The autopsy report will be thoroughly examined and on examination of all the documents, the final investigation report will be prepared and submitted".



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