Ahmed Ali, Rickshaw-Puller who Founded Nine Schools Honoured by Barak Kantha


Haji Ahmed Ali, originally from Khilarband in Patharkandi, pulled a rickshaw for 29 long years in Patharkandi and Karimganj town. But by dint of his perseverance and courage, he managed to set up nine schools. Ali himself happens to be an uneducated person but he strived to empower others through education. He was recognized by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi himself and featured on the PM’s Mann ki Baat. For his great and noble endeavours to make education accessible to many children in the valley, he was honoured by popular Sylheti YouTube channel Barak Kantha.

Members of Barak Kantha went to Ahmed Ali’s home in Khilarband Bazaar and presented him with a scarf and gifts as a token of respect. Barak Kantha also interviewed Ali. Present on the occasion were Barak Kantha’s Director Khairul Enam, member Zakariya Tapadar, Lukman Hussain, Ifzal Ahmed among others. Ahmed Ali too expressed his gratitude to the members of Barak Kantha and appealed to everyone to come forward for the promotion and dissemination of education.

At the event, Ahmed Ali High School’s Headmaster spoke at length about the progress and contribution of the nine schools set up by Ali. The Headmaster added that Ahmed Ali still responsibly takes stock of the schools. Barak Kantha’s Advisory Committee member Maulana ATM Zakariya Kasmi lauded Ahmed Ali and encouraged him to keep working on his dream project of a Higher Secondary School.



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