Meet 18 year old Basundhara who has a strategy for plasma donation in Barak Valley

A telephonic conversation ensued between Basundhara Paul Choudhury and the News Core.

Amid the steep surge in Covid cases and the resulting healthcare crisis in the country, numerous citizens have come forward to offer help and aid to the ones in need. Social media is abuzz with details for oxygen supplies, medicines and ICU beds. In Barak Valley too, on saturday, two siblings, Basundhara Paul Choudhury and Birupakshya Paul Choudhury came forward with a strategy to facilitate plasma donation in the valley.

The News core reached out to Basundhara Paul Choudhury for an interview. Below are some excerpts from the telephonic conversation that followed.

How did this idea of creating a strategy for plasma donation strike your mind? 

Recently, a friend of mine lost her father due to lack of plasma. He was on ventilator support for days and eventually passed away. Plus, I heard that we didn’t have enough reserves of plasma in Silchar.

How old are you Basundhara? How did you manage to bring so many like-minded people together for this noble cause? 

I am eighteen years old . After observing the poor state of plasma donation in the valley, my brother Birupakshya and I decided to create a WhatsApp group where people can share information about plasma from their homes and help each other. Initially, I wasn’t really getting a good response from anyone. Then we created the WhatsApp group, and by god\'s grace, in no time, plenty of people joined the group. 

How many people are there in this WhatsApp group?

There are 178 members currently. (as of when the interview was conducted)

We have noticed a Google form being circulated on all social media platforms. What is that about?

The Google form contains the list of recovered Covid-19 patients who are eligible for plasma donation. Subhadip Roy, who is also a member of Leo Club of Silchar Central, came up with the idea. 

Do you have any future plans for this newly formed group? 

I initially created this group for plasma donation but then I noticed that people were using the group for blood donation as well, which is a good thing. Speaking of future plans, if the group strengthens, then I would like to raise funds for the betterment of society, especially the economically weaker section. Like the other day, while travelling in a rickshaw, l asked the rickshaw-puller, "Why don't you use a sanitizer?", to which he replied, "Sanitizer is very costly and I cannot afford it". His reply just broke my heart and since then, I’ve genuinely wanted to extend my help to these people. So, raising funds is essential .

Thank you Basundhara, for sharing your story with us. Is there something else you would like to share with our readers?

Please join us and help us grow, so that we can help those in need of plasma, blood or financial aid even. I request the ones willing to donate plasma to kindly come forward without any hesitation.

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