Karimganj Covaxin Beneficiaries, who received 1st dose on May 7 and 8, to receive 2nd dose on June 18

Read to know details about the vaccination centres, designated to administer the 2nd dose of Covaxin.

The Janasanyog, Karimganj announced on Monday that the beneficiaries of Covaxin COVID-19 vaccine, aged above 18 years, who took their first jab on 7th and 8th May, will be administered with the second jab of Covaxin on 18th June at the various COVID Vaccination Centre (CVC) in the district.

The Karimganj Health Department has informed that the vaccination centres, that will administer the second dose of Covaxin on 18th June, under the Karimganj Urban Unit are Raimoni Pathshala, Ramkrishna Mission Dispensary, Subhash Banipith L. P. School, Lions Club of Centurion and Osmania L. P. School.

In addition, under Girishganj BPHC, the designated vaccination centres, Lakhi Bazar High School, Prasarpur L. P. School and Dasgram Model L. P. School will administer the second dose of Covaxin to the beneficiaries on the same day. Besides, under Kachuagram BPHC, Bhanga H. S. School has been designated to administer the second jab of Covaxin.

Under Nilambazar BPHC, Gunomoyee Girl's High school and South Karimganj Development Block will administer the second dose of the vaccine. Moreover, under the Patharkandi BPHC, the designated vaccination centres, that will administer the second dose of Covaxin on June 18 are Premomoyee Model Institution, Kanaibazar M. E. School, Barigram L. P. School and Bazarichora L. P. School.

Under Ramkrishna Nagar BPHC, the selected vaccination centres, Kadamtala High School, Narayan Nath H. S. School, Chaitanya Nath High School, C. V. P Higher Secondary School and Madhutila SC will administer second dose of Covaxin.

The beneficiaries have been directed to bring along their vaccination certificates for the first dose and valid ID Proofs. All the above mentioned vaccination centres will administer second dose of Covaxin to the beneficiaries, aged above 18, who took their first jab on May 7 and 8. The vaccination at each centre will start at 9 AM and the centres will function till 1 PM. Besides, the beneficiaries should walk into the same vaccination centre, where they had taken their first dose.



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