Karimganj Man receives two different COVID vaccines; CM&HO denies responsibility, says the beneficiary himself responsible

Man receives jab of Covishield as 2nd dose, despite receiving Covaxin as first dose.

An incident of administering an individual with two doses of different vaccines has been reported in Karimganj on Wednesday. Reports say that the vaccination centre at Karimganj Govt. School administered Sujit Misra, an aged person, with a dose of Covishield vaccine, when he went to take his second dose of COVID vaccine, despite the fact that Misra took the jab of Covaxin a month back as his first dose. It has been accused that the centre called Police to force Misra's son out when he tried to protest. On the other hand however, Addition CM&HO, Ashim Das accused that Sujit Misra is himself responsible for the incorrect vaccination of the second dose. In a conversation with Bartalipi, Das cited all the mistakes of the beneficiary, that according to him, led to the incident.

It has been reported that Sujit Misra, a resident of Chorakuri, came to the vaccination centre with his son, Sumon Misra on Wednesday to get himself vaccinated with the second dose of Covaxin. Sumon registered his father using his own mobile number. Soon after Sujit Misra received his jab, Sumon received a message on his mobile phone, that informed that his father, Sujit Misra, had been inoculated with his first dose of Covishield. Sumon immediately demanded answers from the officials, present at the centre. He accused that, instead of responding to his questions, the officials made Sumon forced out of the vaccination centre by Police. "My father received his first jab as Covaxin, but then on Wednesday, he was administered with Covishield when we went to get him inoculated with his second dose. We are now worried about his health. The health department is in no way helping us or responding to our queries", stated Sumon.

The additional CM&HO of Karimganj, Ashim Das, on the other hand accused that the beneficiary is himself responsible for the mistakes made. "There are different queues for different vaccines at the vaccination centre. Sujit Misra stood at the wrong queue. In addition, every beneficiary, shall appear with his/her vaccination certificate while receiving the second dose. Misra didn't bring that either", alleged Ashim Das. He added, "The phone number that the beneficiary used to register himself while receiving the first jab was not used for registration at the Govt. School Vaccination Centre on Wednesday, but Sumon Misra used a different phone number to get his father, Sujit Misra, registered. Thus, his registration had no record of him receiving any vaccine previously, which in turn resulted into the centre being unknown of the fact." He further said, "Inspite of the fact that Sujit Misra is an aged person, he was not accompanied by anyone else at the vaccination centre." Das asserted, "There should not be terror or one should not panic on receiving two different doses of the COVID vaccine."



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