Oxygen Plant to become Functional at SMCH soon

\"Oxygen tank, gas-producing machine and other essential instruments have already been setup\".

The Vice Principal of Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH), Dr. Bhaskar Gupta informed on Saturday that the medical facility has enough quantity of Oxygen amid the gradual increase in the number of COVID-19 positive cases in the district. "Consequently, we are currently facing no problem regarding Oxygen in the COVID ward", said Dr. Gupta.

Dr. Gupta announced that the newly installed Oxygen Plant at Silchar Medical College and Hospital will begin production very soon. "Oxygen tank, gas-producing machine and other essential instruments have already been setup", said Dr. Gupta. He further added that the Oxygen plant shall serve every sector of the Hospital in addition to the COVID ward, after ensuring that the COVID-19 patients get adequate Oxygen.

The Superintendent of Silchar Medical College and Hospital, Dr. Abhijit Swami informed that each machine in the newly set up Oxygen Plant will produce 30 m³ volume of Oxygen every hour. The plant has two similar machines and thus the resultant total volume of Oxygen to be produced by the plant stands at 60 m³. The Superintendent further informed that in addition to the Oxygen Plant, two white tanks of 20,000 litres each, was set up as Oxygen storage about a month back, near the Mother and Child Care Hospital. According to Dr. Swami, the current everyday requirement of Oxygen in the Medical is estimated to be around 1,600 litres. Two Guwahati based vendors fill up the tanks with Oxygen. Both the tanks together hold around 30,000 litres of liquid oxygen now. This ensures proper functioning of the Hospital for 15 days.

Dr. Swami says that the Oxygen plant can produce 600 m³ volume of Oxygen in 10 hours for the COVID patients, which is more than the estimated requirement. Besides, medical concentrators have recently been activated in the hospital that facilitates extraction of Oxygen for the patients from natural air. Dr. Swami informs that the concentrators are used for the patients, who need 3-4 litres of Oxygen. More than 100 Oxygen Concentrators are currently available at the Medical.

In addition to the liquid oxygen from tanks, produced oxygen from plants and oxygen concentrators, the facility of the conventional oxygen cylinders is avilable with the hospital as well. A total of 300 cylinders of different sizes are currently present, which are filled with Oxygen, procured from the Shantinath Gas Agency, a local vendor and Assam Air Product. However, since the availability of liquid oxygen in the hospital, the cylinders have been decreased, as informed by Dr. Swami as refilling of the cylinders takes time and liquid oxygen is currently serving the desired requirement in the Hospital.



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