Patharkandi Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal demands Protection of Forests and Eviction of Illegal Occupants

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Eviction operations are underway in various parts of the state against the occupiers of the reserved land of the forest department. Opposition parties have been protesting against the government and demanding an end to the evictions. Politics are rampant in the state with eviction politics. Patarkandi's Chola Mona witnessed 28 families get evicted. Although opposition comprising various political parties have voiced their disregard for the programme, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal Patarkandi block on Friday, June 11 sent a memorandum to the Hon'ble Chief Minister through Patarkandi Circle Officer demanding immediate eviction of infiltrators living in Patarkandi and other protected forests in the district while pledging their allegiance to the programme.

The memorandum states that the "forest mafia" have been carrying out deforestation for a long time by occupying the protected forest lands and government lands of Assam, building houses and cutting down valuable trees and shrubs, thousands of hectares of government land remain occupied while deforestation demolishes the environment and destroying the balance of nature. "Land owned by the Government should be freed to protect nature and the environment. Flattery politics resulted in deforestation and displacement of government lands, which has been going on for the last five decades, demanding the needful be done to curb the situation", said the organizations. The activists of the organization also complained that the smugglers continue to destroy the forest in places using illegal wood cutting machines. To "maintain the balance of environment and nature", the officials of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal's Prakhandi Block demanded immediate release of government land and confiscation of illegal machines. 

"Thousands of bighas of forest land in Bhurunga, Madhurban reserve in Patharkandi have been occupied by forest mafias and illegal timber machines have been set up endangering the atmosphere but no measures have been adopted by the concerned authorities", asserted the activists.  They demanded immediate action against the land grabbers and the release of land. Copies of the memorandum were also sent to the Minister of State for Forests, District Magistrate of Karimganj, Circle Officer, Local MLA and District Forest Officer.

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