Why is it man-made? Aren't women allowed to build stuff? This little girl's take on Patriarchy is a must watch!


A video of a school going girl has compelled netizens to speculate about the predominant sexist culture in our society.

On Wednesday,  Rohit Chadda, CEO of Digital publishing at Zee group shared a video of a young girl questioning her mother about some valid questions about the tradition of putting men above all gender.

The girl's question seemed valid to the citizens. While reading her social studies textbook she came across the word man-made and asked her mother why books use terms such as 'man-made' and not 'people made'.

"Why is it man-made? Aren't women allowed "

to build stuff? Why is it not people-made?" Asks this young girl who appeared to be baffled about gender equality concepts.

Later the young girl referred to a quote from Abraham Lincoln's famous speech where he addressed "all men are created equal", the girl asks her mother, "aren't women created equal too? Why don't they say all people are created equal?"

Reacting to this video, netizens expressed their views such as :

  • Why do we say things are #ManMade? Why not #PeopleMade #HumanMade 

  Its a fwd on #Whatsapp the young girl is          so correct. Time to change the #sexist #terminology in our #textbooks @cbseindia29 

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  • This kind of questioning leads to change and equality. Questions in the minds of great thinkers and reformers has brought us so far. And more such questions shall continue to make this world a better place... 🙏🙏😊😊😊👍👍

  • I am in awe of this girl such sophisticated level of thinking with such innocence.we need a lot of women asking this question..

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