Will make videos to promote Arunachal Pradesh, says Paras Singh after getting bail


YouTuber Paras Singh who was brought to Arunachal Pradesh and kept in judicial custody for his racist remarks is now out on bail. Speaking to Arunachal Mirror after he was released, Paras said, “I didn’t imagine I’d receive so much love here, I’d get to know so much here. I’ve also explored a lot of new things here, got to learn so much…got to eat so much.”

He added the fact that he had tried out eating bamboo shoots for the first time, which happens to be a delicacy in the Northeast. He said he had never even heard of it in Punjab. He also said he’d try taking some of it back home with him. He said he had a great experience and everyone who met him taught him something new.

“Initially, people were really angry but when they spoke to me and heard me out, they understood that I had acted stupid and made a mistake. I had no intention at all to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I am ashamed of my actions and I’m thinking of ways to rectify my mistake. I’ll start working on it soon.”, he said.

He also learnt that 24-26 languages are spoken in the state. He got to know that plenty of people from Punjab also live in the state and run businesses. He said he would want people to be educated better about Arunachal Pradesh and suggested the addition of such chapters in textbooks. He said he would also make a video on the culture, society and cuisine of the state. 

MLA Ninong Ering had also come to meet him but couldn’t because of Covid restrictions. Later, they communicated through a video-call and Ering told him about beautiful areas in the state like Tawang and Ziro. Ering also asked him to visit the tourist spots in the state and to promote them. Paras added that he had received fatherly treatment from Ering. Ering also assured Paras that he would speak to the central government to get him released soon without any punishment. 

Paras said he would try to win the hearts of the people of Arunachal Pradesh and in the process, redeem himself as well.  For people who have prejudices about Arunachal Pradesh or Northeast at large, Paras’s message would be for them to visit the place and to interact with the people here. He also said people of Arunachal should promote their state and run campaigns for tourists to visit.

He also said that on returning, the first thing he would do is meet his mother because he has never lived away from his mother for more than two days. He also seemed really upset for having hurt his mother. His voice choked while he was talking about his mother and his pets. 



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