Over 80% of Silchar's population vaccinated; Cachar DC announces conclusion of 7 day long Vaccination Drive

Cachar DC addresses the health workers in a concluding ceremony at Teachers Training College.

The District Administration of Cachar announced the formal closure of the 7 day long vaccination drive across 28 wards in Silchar, with an announcement that around 84-85% of the total population of Cachar has been vaccinated.

The Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, Keerthi Jalli IAS, stated during the closing ceremony, "I feel proud to announce that Cachar district now has the record of conducting the highest number of COVID tests; we have crossed Guwahati in this regard." She added, "Cachar district also holds the record of highest number of vaccine doses, administered on a single day." Crediting the Chief Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma in this regard, Jalli said, "This has become possible because CM sir has been constantly focusing on Cachar district. He has regularly called for reviews, and whenever we placed demands for vaccines, he was active in providing the doses, according to the availability in the state."

The official social media handle of the District Administration of Cachar informed that a total of 250 health workers were involved in the vaccination drive. Expressing her gratitude towards the health workers, involved in the drive, Jalli said, "As soon as we got the information that a mass vaccination drive across 28 wards in Silchar has to be initiated, we had to develop a team of health workers overnight. The procedure used to start at 5 AM in the morning, when our driver bhaiya used to pick up officials from their residence in villages. At 6 AM , Zakir was always the first person to unlock the District Drug Store. His message used to be the "good morning wish" for us. Within 7 AM, the kits and vaccine doses were to be distributed among all the centres and freshly cooked breakfast were to be sent for the health workers. The vaccination and testing at all the centres used to start by 7 AM." 

DC Jalli further expressed her pride for the health workers, who participated in the excercise, stating, "Our lab technicians and MPWs worked in PPE kits, in the scorching heat. There were cases of health workers, collapsing in the vaccination centres. 250 was our everyday target for each ward and incoming beneficiary count used to be 300. People kept coming and the health workers kept administering vaccines, at times, crossing the daily limit." Presenting a calculation about the target, Jalli said, "We were having a set limit of administering 250 vaccines in each ward per day, that implies that the grand total number of vaccines administered should have been 28×250×7 = 49,000 maximum. But by the sheer demand during the vaccination drive, I proudly announce that we have crossed the 50,000 mark." Presenting datas about the population of Silchar, Jalli inferred, "According to 2011 Census, the total population of Silchar is 1.73 lakhs. Considering a 13% increase in the population, we can consider the current total to be 1.9 lakhs. 24% of this count is below the age of 18 and thus currently not eligible to take the vaccine. Excluding this section of the population, I can confidently declare today that we have vaccinated 84-85% of the entire population of Silchar with the first dose."

During the concluding ceremony, health workers were felicitated by the Deputy Commissioner. The event was attended by CEO, Zilla Parishad, Elded Faihriem; Additional Deputy Commissioner (vaccination), Cachar, J. K. Rajbangshi; I/C Joint Director of Health Services, Cachar, Dr. B. J. Deb Sikidar; Additional CM&HO(FW), Cachar, Dr. P. K. Roy; DIO, Dr. Sumona Naiding; DPM, NHM, Cachar, Rahul Ghose; DME, NHM, Cachar, Suman Choudhury and eminent social worker of the area, Asim Das. In addition, the Principal of Teachers' Training College, Dr. Aparna Bhattacharjee patronized the concluding ceremony. The District Administration ensured that a similar programme for rural areas will be initiated soon.

Swagatam Roy

Swagatam Roy

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