Assam University lays down modalities for TDC Odd Semester Practicals


The Assam University has laid down modalities for the practical examinations of the TDC Odd Semester Exams (CBCS course). The practical examination will be conducted by evaluating home assignments submitted by students to their colleges. The college will assign and collect the assignment from the students online. The colleges will have to upload the marks obtained by students in the practical examination on or before June 30, 2021.

The University will forward model questions for AECC and SEC to colleges. The colleges can refer to the model questions for the assignment. However, if a college intends to frame the assignment question paper by itself, it is allowed to do so while following the model questions.

Colleges may direct students to limit the answer of model questions in the manner described below:
A. One Mark - One Word/One Line
B. Two Marks - Two/Three Lines (Thirty words maximum)
C. Five Marks - Five/Seven Lines (Not more than 100 words)

Students are allowed to use a maximum of eight pages to write the assignments, excluding the first page or cover page. A student can write answers in all pages excluding the cover page. The assignment must be in the handwriting of the students themselves. Students must also write their roll and registration numbers on all pages of the assignment.

The student will submit a soft copy of the answer script to the specified email as notified by the college in a single pdf file. The file name must be in the format: PaperCode_RollNo (e.g. SEC201_123457.pdf). Any submission after the due date as specified by the college and pages in the assignment exceeding the number specified will also not be accepted by the college or the university.

For students who do not have access to the internet, college may allow them to collect the hard copies of the question paper and they will be allowed to submit hard copies of the assignments.



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