Union Health Ministry sets maximum price per dose for COVID-19 vaccines in India


The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday (June 9) published an order determining the maximum price, private hospitals can charge, for each dose of the three COVID-19 vaccines, approved in India currently. Private hospitals at a price fixed by the ministry can charge ₹780 per dose for Covishield, ₹1,410 for Covaxin and ₹1,145 for Sputnik V shots.

The Serum Institute of India trades its Covishield with private hospitals at a rate of ₹600 per dose (excluding GST). Bharat Biotech has fixed the cost of its Covaxin at ₹ 1,200 a dose for private establishments. Sputnik V is provided to private hospitals at a rate of ₹948 per dose. Adding 5 per cent GST employed on vaccine doses, which comes to ₹30 for Covishield, ₹60 for Covaxin and ₹47.40 ~ 47 for Sputnik V, the private hospitals are set at a maximum of ₹150 per dose as service charges. The Ministry in the order mentioned that "the price of vaccine doses for private hospitals would be declared by each vaccine manufacturer, and any subsequent changes would be notified in advance." 

In a letter to all States and Union territories, the Health Ministry ordered States and Union territories to regularly oversee the prices being charged by the private hospitals from the citizens. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation on Monday (June 8), asserted that the Central Government will provide free COVID-19 vaccine to states for vaccination of all above the age of 18 from June 21.

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