Upper Ceiling on rates for COVID-19 in Private Hospitals

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The Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Assam on Friday, June 4, issued an order to redress the grievances and to rationalize the charges for the treatment of COVID-19 by Private Hospitals registered under the Clinical establishment Act, 2010 and notified the upper ceiling on rates which can be charged by Private Hospitals in Assam for the treatment of COVID-19.

The charges include Registration Charges, Bed Charges, Boarding Charges (Food etc.), Nursing Charges, Consultant Charges: RMO, MD, Anesthetist, Surgeon, Blood Transfusion Charges, Oxygen Charges, Medicine and Drugs as treatment protocol, Pathology and Radiology test charges: Medical procedures including essential radiological imaging and diagnostic tests such as X-ray, USG, Hematology, Pathology, including COVID-19 test etc, Bio Medical Waste disposal charges (Incl. Sanitization), PPE Kits, N-95 masks)

The charges exclude High-End Investigations like C.T. Chest/HRCT Chest/Di dimer etc., High-End Medicines like Remdesivir/ Tocilizumab etc, Treatment and diagnosis procedures related with any comorbid conditions requiring speciality care. Such medicines shall not be charged beyond the maximum retail price.

The Order further states that the rates shall be applicable for the patient under the treatment till such time the patient is diagnosed as COVID-19 negative as per the notified SOP of the Government. Any subsequent treatment shall be as per the regular rates of the hospital concerned.

The above rates will be immediately enforced and so until further orders.

The implementation of the order will be monitored by the Director of Health services, Government of Assam along with the Jt DHS and Deputy Commissioners of the Districts all across Assam. 

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