Curfew from 1 PM; Shops to shut down at 12 noon : Assam Government issues new order

Read to know the modifications in details.

The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) issued an order on Friday (June 4), detailing the modifications in COVID restrictions, to come into force in the entire state of Assam, both in rural and urban areas, at 5 AM on 6th June, 2021. The order has imposed relaxations on the earlier restrictions, reasoning the decline in the number of COVID-19 patients, and positivity rate in the state. The order however states that the situation in the state is yet "precarious", and it thus asserts, "Adequate containment measures for both urban and rural areas are still necessary..." The order has been informed to stay in force till 5 AM of 16th June, 2021.

The curfew hours or total ban on movement of individuals will now be from 1 PM to 5 AM. The shops and commercial establishments have been ordered to shut down at 12 noon. The restaurants and other eateries can entertain dine-in guests till 12 noon, post which, they have been ordered to allow take aways and home deliveries till 1 PM. After the clock strucks 1 in the afternoon, the restaurants shall no more entertain dine in and takeaway, but can carry out home deliveries till their general operational time. Restaurants, inside resorts or hotels can allow dine in till 12 noon, after which, only room service is allowed. Warehouses and cold storages have been allowed to operate after 12 noon, however sale counters, showrooms and other subsidiary departments, attached to the cold storage or warehouse, have been ordered to shut down at 12 noon.

All government and non-government offices will remain closed till 15th June, 2021, as informed by the order. Government and semi government offices, in the rank of Deputy Secretary and above and senior executives in non-government sectors, with their key support staff are allowed to attend office only for "emergency and essential works". Organisations, carrying out essential or emergency services, law enforcement services and election work, are exempted from this restriction.

All inter-district transport service and movements of people shall stay suspended, as imparted by the order.

Other restrictions, including odd-even formula for plying of vehicles, declaration of containment zones etc. as notified vide Order No.ASDMA.28/2021/63 dated 4th May, 2021 for rural areas and vide ASDMA.24/2020/Pt-2/253, dated 15th May, 2021 for urban and peripheral areas, restriction on inter-district movement issued vide ASDMA.24/2020/Pt-2/255, dated 17th May, 2021 and order vide ASDMA.28/2021/86, dated 25th May, 2021, and exemptions via clarifications issued vide Order No.ASDMA/24/2020/Pt-2/250, dated 13th May, 2021, shall continue to remain in force, except those modified in the current order.



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