Silchar boy's new song 'Godhuli Bela' is getting all the love from Netizens on social media.


'Godhuli Bela' is a new song released by lyricist, music composer and producer Akash Sinha. The News Core got in touch with the young talent for a chit-chat session over his new song 'Godhuli Bela'. Sharing his new song, Sinha conveyed that he got inspired by a beautiful sunset on his terrace and recalled how an unknown melody struck his mind. Sinha realised that this melody would go with Bengali lyrics. Initially, he was confused with the title of his song. After plenty of brainstorming, he finally decided on the name 'Godhuli Bela'. 'Godhuli Bela' has a nostalgic touch which is between two lovers. Wherein the male protagonist misses his significant other on a dusky evening. 'Godhuli Bela' also has an Indian essence. Speaking about that, Sinha said that he wanted this song to have an Indian essence.

At some point, Sinha did face a creative block and that's where he approached flute artist Soumyodeep Paul Choudhury from Silchar for help. The duo completed the entire song with each other's assistance. Sinha also spoke about how he eternally relies on his friends, for their insights and how they have supported him through thick and thin. 

Akash Sinha is a Fifth Semester BCS student from Gurucharan College Silchar. Sinha has always been an academic topper and never really had a musical background however music has always been his passion since childhood. He has started his musical journey in the last five years and has produced music in English and Hindi. 'Godhuli Bela' is his first Bengali single and is available on his Youtube channel named 'Armaani' the song had crossed 1K + views within 24 hours of its release.

Akash has urged everyone to support him and has promised that he will be producing more musical content in Bengali.

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