Silchar Man reportedly succumbs to Black Fungus; Nephew denies

Nephew refers to post COVID complications, and not Black Fungus as the reason of his uncle's death.

An information circulated on media pages, claiming that Indrajit Choudhary, a 48 year old man from Silchar, currently living in Hyderabad, succumbed to Black Fungus on Monday. However, when The News Core reached out to the nephew of Indrajit Choudhary, he had different information to share.

Dr. Ankit Chakraborty, a resident of Silchar, and a doctor in the team of Dawipayan Deb's 'DOCTOR FOR YOU', and who happens to be a nephew to the deceased Indrajit Choudhary, said, "The information circulating on various media pages, that my uncle succumbed to Black Fungus, is completely false." He explained, "My uncle was a patient of diabetes. High blood sugar levels resulted in increase in creatinine in his blood, that resulted into kidney failure. He had been going through regular dialysis for the past 9 months. He used to suffer acute shortness of breath, which was being treated through dialysis. We even thought of kidney transplantation on getting a donor."

He further described, "Few days back, uncle's heartbeat rate started falling down to such a level that he was gradually moving towards chances of heart failure. He was thus moved to the hospital for being injected with an injection named Dobutamine. That was when, he was tested for COVID-19, as a part of the hospital protocol, and he came out to be positive. He was then under home isolation, and he fought it well; my uncle survived." Chakraborty added, "During the wee hours of Monday, he complained about acute chest pain. It was usual for us as it was not new, and dialysis used to treat the condition well. He was accordingly taken to the hospital. Eventually, he lost his senses there."

Chakraborty further reported that the doctors in the hospital referred him to any better infrastructure, as his condition, according to the doctors, was not treatable there. "They were financially not that sound, considering the fact that a huge sum of money was being spent in my uncle's treatments. They thus waited in the hospital for a while and then took him to another hospital. There he was directly taken under ventilation, and soon after that, he passed away", informed Chakraborty.

"Narrating this whole series of events was important to understand that the diagnostic process of Mucormycosis (Black Fungus) is time consuming, and doctors did not have enough time to even get him tested for the infection; thus, it could not be confirmed that my uncle was infected with Black Fungus", asserted Chakraborty. Explaining the possible source of misinformation, Chakraborty said, "There is a condition known as Glaucoma, that may develop in patients of diabetes. One of the symptoms of Glaucoma is redness in the eyes, due to bleeding. Uncle was a suspected case of Glaucoma. He was having an appointment with the doctor on June 2, primarily for diagnosis, to detect if he had developed Glaucoma, but as you understand, the appointment could not be attended. My uncle passed away before that. Now, my uncle used to panic a lot, and considering the fact that there are news all around about Black Fungus, he started believing that he is a patient of the same, and shared it on a whatsapp group of his school friends. Thus, the misinformation might have propagated." Chakraborty asserted that the reason of his uncle's death must be post COVID complications.



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