Sonicspawn's Cover of 'One More Light' : A Bright Ray of Hope in the Darkness of Pandemic

10 artists from Silchar have come together to create a cover of Linkin Park's 'One More Light'

Sonicspawn Studios of Silchar, in collaboration with 10 local artists, is all set to release its "Collaborative Cover" of One More Light by Linkin Park on Tuesday (June 1), with the primary objective of standing in solidarity with "everyone, who has been affected by the  deadly CoVID-19 pandemic". Their production is also a tribute to Chester Bennington (1976-2017), as the original song by Linkin Park, as Mike Shinoda said, was accepted by the fans as a memory of his "dear friend, Chester".

On being asked about how the production idea popped up, Abhishek Goswami, the owner of Sonicspawn Studios said, "Activities are at a halt during this semi-lockdown, and Manisha (his spouse and an artist in this production), few days back, was listening to this song. That was when, Manisha came up with the idea that the lyrics of this song have uplifting vibes in them, and thus, may become a medium of inducing positivity amid the negative environment, that has developed over time, due to the pandemic." He further added, "These days, it has become usual to wake up to negative news like the stats of COVID-19, the high death count due to the virus, shortage of groceries, stories of unemployment and poverty, to mention a few. We aim to offer the viewers, atleast 4 minutes 11 seconds of hope and happiness, that can give them a short period away from all the negative happenings, and give them an opportunity to experience a positive vibe." Paying his tribute to the frontline workers, Goswami said, "I bow down in respect to all the frontline workers, who are serving the society to find ways and get us out of this adverse situation. We hope for a better tomorrow."

Manisha Goswami, one among the ten artists in the production stated, "I feel for all who are collectively fighting against the pandemic. This song has this positive vibe that even if somebody is alone, there is someone who shall always stand by. This song is for all who have lost somebody in this pandemic. I have lost my grandfather, and lives are on a toss amid the pandemic. I convey this song as a ray of hope to the world, that the mankind shall get healed soon."

Sobhraj Chakraborty, another singer in the production said, "It was exciting to cover a song after a long period. Shooting separately from home and then syncing everything on point was a challenge, which pumped up the excitement." When asked about the role of art in social causes, Chakraborty said, "Although, Art is primarily a source of entertainment, but it has always been a brilliant source of social message as well. Agitations, movements and revolutions have always relied upon Art, to convey their messages to the masses. The larger propagation of a social message, to assemble people under the umbrella of a united struggle, has had art as its biggest mean."

It should be mentioned here that, three artists from the group are COVID survivors. They are Vishal Sinha, Jiban Dutta and Amitabh Roy. It has been reported by Abhishek Goswami that Vishal Sinha had been to the COVID ward of SMCH for treatment, and defied the virus against all odds.

Swagatam Roy

Swagatam Roy

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