Vaccination for Beneficiaries without ID Cards : Assam Government issues SOPs

Read to know the SOPs in details.

The Health and Welfare Department of the Government of Assam issued a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on Saturday (May 29) to facilitate COVID vaccination for beneficiaries without ID Cards. The SOPs are explained below. This has been directed to come into force with immediate effect.

District Immunization Officers are directed to create special sessions for beneficiaries without ID Cards. The SOP refers to a few examples that include, prisoners, old age home members, sadhu/saints, inmates in mental health institutions, road side beggars and people residing in rehabilitation centres. The district task force may identify people, who do not have any of the prescribed Photo ID Cards, with the help of the concerned Government Department. A key facilitator may be identified, who should have a valid and active mobile phone number and any of the 7 prescribed Photo ID cards. A district nodal officer may be designated by the DTF, for identifying the key facilitators, preparation for vaccination plan, identification of COVID Vaccine Centres (CVCs) where vaccination sessions are to be organized, preparation of vaccination schedule, communication of the vaccination schedule to the identified groups/beneficiaries and mobilization of beneficiaries as per the vaccination plan.

District Immunization Officer has the responsibility to organise vaccination sessions at the identified CVCs. The identified CVCs must have a laptop and a printer and are directed to provide hard copy of the vaccination certificates to the beneficiaries. The vaccinator can add beneficiary on spot and register them for vaccination without ID Card. Mobile number and the Valid ID of the key facilitator will be entered. The key facilitator must provide the OTP to initiate the session.

It has been ordered that separate CVC sessions should be created for 45+ age group with Government of India supplied vaccines, and 18-44 age group with state procurement vaccines. The CoWIN system will provide the facility for creation of special vaccination sessions for the said purpose, as mentioned by the set of SOPs. Following features can be accessed during the session :-

1. Registration of as many beneficiaries as are to be covered (subjected to the limit of session capacity) without mandatory capturing of mobile number and photo ID Cards, through facilitated cohort registration.

2. All vaccination slots for such special sessions will be reserved for the facilitated cohorts.

3. This facility will only be available at Government CVCs.

4. Information regarding name, year of birth (as mentioned by the beneficiary), and gender, will be entered in the CoWIN system.

5. The key facilitator will have the job to verify the identity of the beneficiary.

6. Digital vaccination certificates are to be provided to the beneficiaries, preferably at the vaccination centre itself.

As on 29th May, 2021, at 10 pm, the total number of COVID vaccine doses administered in Assam stands at 40,73,494. 32,46,331 beneficiaries have been inoculated with the first dose, whereas, 8,27,163 beneficiaries have received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccines. Total number of vaccine doses available in stock in the state as on the same day is 2,70,160. 2,33,120 doses of the total stored vaccine doses are for those aged above 45 years, whereas 37,040 vaccine doses are available for those aged between 18 to 44 years.



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