Learn Assamese or Leave Assam : AHSEC Chairman to Barak Valley

Learn Assamese or Leave Assam : AHSEC Chairman to Barak Valley

\"If you want to continue living in Assam, you need to learn Assamese\" stated Assam Higher Secondary Educational Council Chairman, Dayananda Boragohain. In a recent interview with Assamese news channel, the council chairman mentioned that learning Assamese is mandatory and if anyone does not comply, they should leave Assam. 

In a more controversial statement, he argued that Barak valley relies on Brahmaputra valley to function and if establishing Bengali as a language is more important than Assamese, then Bengalis of Barak Valley should separate as a different state or may leave Assam and shift to West Bengal.

Boragohain criticized SEBA\'s recent decision to keep the implementation of Assamese Language Learning Act in abeyance. Boragohain takes on the chairman of SEBA, R. C. Jain and said that he writes Jain in his name and he must prove how much Assamese he is. \"If the Law does not permit the compulsory education of Assamese in Assam, then the Law should be amended/altered instead of the decision\", stated Boragohain.

State Education Board of Assam (SEBA) recently announced that the new mandatory guidelines for Assamese to be taught in all the schools of Assam, had been kept in abeyance until further orders. The earlier order stated that the Assamese language will be made a compulsory subject from class 9 registration, starting in 2021. Schools in the 6th scheduled area of Barak valley and Bodo medium schools have been kept out of this mandatory clause, although students from those areas will get the option to choose Assamese language as an elective subject, to obtain a proficiency certificate as an incentive.

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