Mankind has always claimed themselves to be God’s bestest creation. Nevertheless, in this enormous

Mankind has always claimed themselves to be God’s bestest creation. Nevertheless, in this enormous world, we, the humankind stands so minuscule-like when put on the earth’s surface. Our nano-knowledge with respect to this world keeps on expanding day in day out. Collectively, the act to archive the extraordinary facets of this world has given us a see-through of what a wonderful world we are a part of!  Nature’s bounty has so many obscure, occult and abstruse occurrences. With the power of technology, the wired world has become the time-capsule for the posterity.

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Miracles like Animal Rain have often become the topic of curiosity for us, the common people. Layers of explanation in relation to aliens have deposited the scientific happening behind it. Going back in time, one of the first instance of animal rain is documented in the 1st century A.D. when the Roman life-scientist Pliny, the Elder recorded the downpour of frogs and fish. Several such episodes in Italy, Netherlands have flashed the print and electronic media. Cracking the hard shell of this uncanny event, scientists recognized the reason is for waterspouts. It’s a unique type of tornado that forms over bodies of water thereby, transporting animals (mostly amphibians) farther from their original habitat. Next time, when we hear the phrase ‘its raining cats and dogs’, the idea of animal rain is sure to knock out the other telltales associated to it.

Indian Prophets, Pan-Indianism, and The Battle of Tippecanoe : We're HistoryStrange stories revolving around the historical time-frame has left its imprint in the lives of great personalities too. America, the land of dreams holds a tragic history of the Red Indians being defeated by the Puritans, (English Protestants). The Curse of Tippicanoe or Tecumseh’s Curse (20 years Presidential Curse) is a rarity in the present era. The narrative spins around William Henry Harrison who won the Battle of Tippecanoe; a war with the Indigenous peoples (the Shawnee). Losing their native land to Harrison, Tecumseh put a curse of death on all the future U.S Presidents elected in years ending in a zero. Thence, started a strange series of events, where Harrison dies in before his presidential session kick started. Similar is the case with Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Ronald Reagan however, survived an assassination plot thereby, hypothetically breaking the curse.

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Discourse on Nature cannot leave out the ecological factoids. Our belief system is mostly dipped with superstitions and ancient hearsay. Ancient myth bordering Peepal tree alias the Bodhi tree is identified to be the germinating ground of evil spirits. Instances of people dying when found sleeping nearby/ under this tree have radiated frightening tales among people. This be the case, scientists of the primeval days delved deep into the matter and found the cause to be the vast amount of CO2 gas emitted by this tree. Basic knowledge on environmental science inputs us with the very essential fact of plants inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. The process is known to us as respiration. Peepal tree which operates Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) meaning it releases CO2 according to their epiphytic condition hence causes this bizarre story encircling Peepal trees.

Reconnaissance of tittle-tattles can indeed, give us engrossing facts which in turn is sure to spark our interest to go for a detailed study of the glocal events. Scooping the gray matter is one thing that can surely erase our partisan perspective of things.

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