Viral Video of Sexual Violence : Accused Arrested; Victims and Accused identified as Bangladeshis

All 6 arrested; Both Indian Police and Bangladesh Police have initiated investigations

The Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru City, Kamal Pant, IPS informed on Thursday night (May 27), that a case of rape and assault has been registered against 6 persons, including 2 women, who were involved in the brutal torture of a women, that circulated in a video, surfaced on social networking sites. The 6 accused have been arrested and a police team has been deputed to "an adjoining state" to trace the victim.

"The investigation is being carried out with full earnestness and under the supervision of senior officers", ensured Pant. Informing about the investigation, the IPS officer said, "According to the information revealed so far, all of them are part of the same group and are believed to be from Bangladesh. The victim is also a Bangladeshi, and was brought to India for trafficking." He further added, "The victim was tortured and brutalized due to a financial matter."

It has now become evident that the incident has no relation either with Northeast or any part of India, except the revelation of the fact that India is subjected to cross-border Human Trafficking. This should engage the Indian authorities to check on this inhumane crime.

Meanwhile, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police addressed a press conference on Thursday informing that the victim is originally a resident of Mokbazar in Bangladesh. "The prime accused has been identified and is also a resident of Bangladesh. We have a dacoity case registered against him in our records", stated Mohammad Shahidullah, the Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. He added, "The man is missing from Bangladesh for a period of 4-5 months now." Shahidullah ensured that the Dhaka Metropolitan Police will proceed with law and take all the accused, in addition to the victim, back to Bangladesh. "We have searched the residence of the prime accused and discovered his exam admit card, registration card and voter ID", said Shahidullah.

It caught the attention of the netizens and triggered anger among a large group of people, after a video of heinous assault and brutal torture, including sexual violence, went viral on social media. The victim was initially misinterpreted to be a resident of Nagaland in Northeast, based on a previous case of suicide in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on Sunday (May 23). However further investigations made it clear that the victim and the accused are residents of Bangladesh.

Swagatam Roy

Swagatam Roy

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