Doctor alleges assault by Police at Pailapool; Lakhipur Police denies accusation


Dr Indadul Hussain Mazumdar took to Twitter to share his encounter with some policemen at Pailapool Chariali in Cachar district. Dr Mazumdar in a series of tweets states that he was on his way home after joining as a Medical Officer in Darrang. He claims he was travelling with a permission letter from the DC office, when a group of policemen stopped him midway for enquiry. Dr Mazumdar claims he cooperated and introduced himself as a doctor on duty. As per Dr Mazumdar’s tweets, the police then allegedly caught him by his collar and dragged him out of his car. Dr Mazumdar further alleges that the SDPO said "What if you are a doctor? Do you know who I am?" and slapped him. The doctor claims that the police assaulted him and his driver with lathis. Allegedly, Dr Mazumdar was also taken to the Lakhipur Police Station and was threatened to be framed under charges of obstructing the police on duty. He claims he was made to verbally apologise before being released from the police station. 

In his Twitter thread, Mazumdar shared a picture of himself with an injury on his arm. As per information accessed, Dr Indadul Mazumdar has been posted as a Medical Officer (MO) at Kharupetia Block No. 4, Arimari RPHC in Darrang district where he will be serving his one-year rural posting. Dr Mazumdar graduated from Tezpur Medical College and Hospital.

The News Core reached out to the SDPO Lakhipur, Partha Protim Das to get a statement. The SDPO stated that they were posted at Pailapool for curfew enforcement. Dr Mazumdar’s car arrived at the spot at around 7:30 pm. The car had three people inside, the SDPO said. The SDPO states that the one in the driving seat claimed to be a doctor and that the two others inside were his brothers. Allegedly, the police instructed the driver, apparently Dr Mazumdar, to turn off the headlights but he didn’t cooperate. As per the SDPO, they made some inquiries and were informed by Dr Mazumdar that they were on duty. The SDPO accused Dr Mazumdar of misbehaviour. Dr Mazumdar was then asked by the police to step out of the car. The SDPO further alleges that when asked for a transit pass, Dr Mazumdar couldn’t produce anything. The SDPO does state that Dr Mazumdar had come too close, so he was moved back. Since he was allegedly misbehaving and obstructing duty, the police said they would file a case after which Dr Mazumdar apologized. The police also pointed out that the transit pass applied only for himself and a driver but there were three of them. 

The SDPO added that he is comfortable with an independent inquiry. Meanwhile, the medical fraternity has come out in support of Dr Indadul Mazumdar. NHM Assam has also instructed DGP Assam to look into the case. A transit pass has also emerged that authorizes Dr Indadul Hussain Mazumdar and his driver Imran Hussain Barbhuiya to travel from Silchar to Darrang and back. As per reports, the Cachar SP has assured an unbiased enquiry.

The News Core also reached out to Dr Indadul Hussain Mazumdar for a statement but he was busy at the time. The story will be updated as new developments emerge.



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