One Smart Cookie: A Conversation with Simran Das about her Enterprise 'Simran's Tiny Treats'


In a conversation with The News Core, Simran Das, a fifth semester Political Science Honours’ student of Ramanuj Gupta Degree College, introduces her home bakery business and talks about various aspects of it. The following conversation transpired.

Tell us in detail about your business.

It’s a home bakery, not basic cakes or cupcakes, I bake cookies and tarts, and have quite a variety in my menu. The name of my home bakery is Simran’s Tiny Treats.

When did you think of starting this business?

It started as an ‘exploratory’ hobby during the first lockdown. I fed my friends and family and received an encouraging response. The pandemic gradually came somewhat under control and I started to focus on my studies. When the second wave of COVID-19 hit, everyone was bound to stay at home. This is when I thought of giving it a try and pursuing my hobby as a business. On 9th May ’21, I baked various cookies and tarts and filled them in 10 boxes and distributed them among a few influential people in town, waiting for the response. The response was really helpful for me to realise whether I should go ahead and start this little business. That’s when I was confident about giving it a start.

What services or products are you going to offer?

I only bake tarts and cookies. As of now, my menu has these varieties: 

Cookies- Peanut butter cookies, choco chip cookies, butter cookies, cookie pops, cookie jars, mini milk cookies.

Tarts- Oreo tart, mango tart, chocolate tart, mini tarts (lemon, chocolate and vanilla).

How are you advertising your business?

I made a virtual poster and circulated it among my friend circle and family. Also, my social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram helped spread the word about my small business.

What are your goals with this business?

As I have started this as a hobby, I’m not planning to take it as my profession or own a bakery. I’m preparing for Law, and will continue baking from home just as a hobby.

What makes your business unique?

Instead of baking cakes and cupcakes, I bake tarts and cookies. Tarts and cookies never got much recognition in Silchar. No bakery in town serves decorative cookies or a variety of tarts. Even during Christmas and Easter, people get to eat cakes more, but I shall be serving Christmas special cookies, easter special cookies, etc. The people of the town are going to have a new experience about cookies and tarts, also these tiny treats can be gifted as sweet gestures of love.

What impact did the pandemic have on your business?

The pandemic is the main reason why I started baking. When we had a lockdown last year, it was really difficult to pass my time at home. That’s when I thought I should try baking unique desserts like cookies and tarts. Lockdown helped me in understanding what all I could do and I gradually started to feel that I have some potential regarding baking and I could do it.

Where do you see your business after everything gets back to normal?

I’m only about to start out, so, I'm not planning to scale up drastically. But I have already been asked by a few organisations like Leo Club of Silchar and Rotaract club if I could set a stall in their programs, and definitely yes, I would love to set up a stall and have a bakery sale. So that much would do for my small business.

(Neelakshi Roy is a guest contributor for the News Core.)

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