Recent expedition for a CORONA-free world has seen a fusillade of vaccination drive throughout the w

Recent expedition for a CORONA-free world has seen a fusillade of vaccination drive throughout the world. People dynamically queuing up to take the jab and snapping this moment has become swag these days. Nevertheless, an in-depth insight into the biological operativeness of human body out-turns many eye-popping facts.

I recall my formative years when as a student; I used to ingest myself with the knowledge of proteins as put down in the Science book. It said, “Proteins are the building blocks of life. We need protein in our diet to regenerate body cells and repair the damaged ones”. When asked to give example, as a rote learner my answer would be beans, soy, meat, fish and eggs.

Being a student of Humanities, this micro-awareness on proteins has been my proud knowledge possession until last year. The whirlwind of the pandemic impregnated most of us with newer clinical and scientific terms. To invigorate the immune system, people are practicing and administering both traditional and extant lifestyle.

Immunology as a biological wing envelopes the study of immune systems. This term is widely employed but, very few are accustomed with the nomenclatures of our biological system. A balanced fusion of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium, Iron and Protein nutrients are held responsible for the proliferation of immune cells. Sans these alimentatives, there would be a steady downturn of our immune system. Furthermore, owing to reasons like senility, autoimmune diseases, obesity, malnourishment and many such factors, our immune system come to a standstill.

Protein nutrients a.k.a elementary units for our body shield our immune system. As canvassed above, protein substances are held accountable reviving our body cells. One of the significant immunomodulating proteins are cytokines. Freshly, I came across this term when conversing with my better-half who hails from Biotechnology background. The pursuit of cytokines is to act as messengers when there is an infection/ inflammation in our body. These are basically called “soldier molecules” and are diehard enemies of antigens (toxins) that meddle with our immune system. Uptil here, the course of journey is more or less digestible, isn’t it? Now, let’s hop on for a bumpy ride. The soldier molecules (cytokines) that is talked about however, are also entitled to rubout any infection that’s on a top-tier.

Slitting apart this detail, would mean that, release of too much cytokines ultimately attacks the cells and tissues thereby, nudging the body into a self-slaughter condition. This phenomena is called “Cytokine storm”.

Shockingly, when the body is affected by virus, the cytokines overlap its normal functioning and goes into a hyper drive mode. The consequence is in the words of Dr. Raman Dhara, Additional professor (IIPH)”, “Immune response is more than it should be!”. Cases of COVID-19 patients succumbing to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) are due to the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines released by the immune cells. A further plug-in on this horn of a dilemma is the suppression of oxygen in the human body impelling the body to a “happy hypoxia “state.

It means sans proper oxygen supply, there would be a steady failure of multiple organs. Cytokines which act as musketeers in mowing down the antigens are now in a frenzied status. Going into an overdrive situation, they ultimately maul the human cells and tissues to decimate the virus.

Calling into question this quandary, one would shudder as to which way to choose! Vaccines which have since a long period increased life expectancy now stand as perpetrators. Triggering cytokines in this case to attack the virus ultimately causes the cytokine storm which is unpreventable. Hence, the only solution lies in taking resort of immunomodulation medicines. In our case it’s the vaccine, may it be COVISHEILD, COVAXXIN or the recent addition SPUTNIK-V.

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