Curfew from 12 noon to 5 AM; Shops to shut down at 11 AM; Assam Govt. issues Order

The order shall come into force on 16th May, 2021 at 05:00 AM

The Chairperson of Assam State Executive Committee of the State Disaster Management Authority, Assam issued an order on Saturday enlisting the directives, that are to be abide by, in continuation of the previous order, issued on 12th May, 2021, with an intention to further strengthen the containment of spread of COVID-19 in the state.

All shops and commercial establishments have been ordered to be shut down at 11 AM everyday. All vehicles are allowed to ply on road in accordance to an odd-even formula, as decided by the jurisdictional district Disaster Management Authority, between 5 AM to 12 noon. In this regard, the District Disaster Management Authority of Cachar and Karimganj, have already issued orders, according to which, vehicles with odd numbers will be allowed to ply on road on odd dates, whereas vehicles with even numbers, will be allowed the same on even dates. The order shall stay in force for all except Government vehicles and those specified for exemption in Order No.ASDMA.24/2020/Pt-2/250, issued on 13th May, 2021. Personal Vehicles, used for medical emergencies, are also exempted from the restriction.

Curfew or total ban on individual movement from 12 noon to 5 AM has been imposed in the state. However, exemptions mentioned in Order No.ASDMA.24/2020/Pt-2/250, issued on 13th May, 2021, will stay valid. In addition to that, other restrictions, as detailed in Order No.ASDMA.24/2020/Pt-2/241 and the clarifications explained in Order No.ASDMA.24/2020/Pt-2/250 will remain in force, with modification of the timing as mentioned above.

Click here to know the details of the previous order, issued on 12th May, 2021.

The order shall come into force on 16th May, 2021 at 05:00 AM and shall continue to remain in force until further orders.



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