Re-evaluation of NRC : ''CM should abandon malicious politics and focus on Assam's Development'', says BDF Chief Convener, P. D. Roy

The BDF issued a press release stating that they stand against Assam CM

The Barak Democratic Front (BDF) issued a press release on Tuesday stating that they stand against Himanta Biswa Sarma's decision to approach the Supreme Court of India for a review of the NRC list in Cachar, Karimganj and the border areas of Assam. 

The Chief Convener of Barak Democratic Front, Pradeep Dutta Roy said, "A large period of the previous tenure of this Government was wasted in pursuing the miracle, known as NRC." Roy added, "A sum of Rs. 1,500 crore, that entirely belongs to the citizens of the country, was spent in the name of NRC." Roy is of the opinion that the citizens have experienced unalterable financial and mental suffering, that pushed many to kill themselves. "If the people, especially those who are marginalized, are pushed into such miseries again by the re-verification of NRC, that CM Sarma wants, then it should be in no way acceptable", said Roy.

Roy further added that the NRC was introduced to identify a significant number of illegal immigrants, but in reality, it does not exist. Roy thus tries to justify that irrespective of the number of re-verifications, the NRC undergoes, the number of illegal immigrants will never increase. "Thus, I call upon the Chief Minister of the state to abandon such malicious politics and focus on development in the greater interest of the state", stated Roy.

BDF Convener Partha Das said, "The Government should take immediate action against names being not registered in the final list due to minor administrative negligence." Das explained that there were instances when few members of a family could get themselves registered in the list, whereas few others of the same family were left out. "The son's name was listed, but the father was left out, such incidents were reported in plenty", stated Das. Thus, Das concludes that if the process is undertaken in a transparent way, most of the names, that were left out, will get included in the list. He urges the Chief Minister to take related initiatives immediately.

The Chief Convener of the BDF Youth Front, Kalparnab Gupta said that the people, whose name were recently included after the second verification, are still devoid of various Government Welfare Schemes, and are not being issued with Aadhar Cards. He appealed to the newly elected Government to solve the issue immediately, in consultation with the Supreme Court of India and the Registrar General of India (RGI).

The BDF members have opined that the external issues, that have been lingering in the state for decades, solely subjected to political gains, should be put to rest forever by releasing the final NRC. They further said that if the Government try to force the people into sufferings again, in the name of re-evaluation, the Barak Democratic Front will do its best and stand by the people of Barak Valley to build resistance against this particular policy of the Government.

Swagatam Roy

Swagatam Roy

Swagatam Roy is working as a Senior Content Writer with The News Core. He had earlier been the Managing Editor at Cachar Chronicles. Currently, Roy is studying at Amity University as a student of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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